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Busty Lady: I’ve Always Dreamed about Having Sex with a Hot Librarian

Honestly, the first time I saw the series The Game of Thrones, I loved it. But only when I watched the first season of the series, I decided that I didn’t want to wait for another one to be filmed and I went to the library to find the book and read on. When I entered the library something even more exciting caught my attention. The busty lady was just as beautiful as the amazing Khaleesi from the series. She was a girl that you’d gladly make a sex tape to show it to your friends and brag about it.

It is only natural to conclude that I’ve stopped breathing once I’ve heard her speak to me. I vaguely muttered what I came for and she smiled at me. It was a seductive and lovely smile and she really had me going. I took the book, read it within a day, only to come back and see her again. She was blonde and amazingly beautiful, and she was wearing a formal white shirt and a gray skirt that was a little bit too tight and a little bit too short to be formal. She wore a bun of hair and high heels.

“Oh, you again. I hoped you’d come back soon.” She said.

Yes, she definitely wanted something to do with me. I gave the book back and asked for another one. She asked me to go with her in the backroom and help her fetch it as she would need ladders to reach it. We went in the back and she posed the ladders up the shelves. She asked me to keep them stable for me and started climbing up. I could see under her skirt and she knew it. I didn’t waste any time and I reached under her skirt. She allowed it and didn’t move. I pulled her skirt up and slid my fingers over her panties, reaching for her clit. I heard a little sigh, but she didn’t move. I pulled her panties down and her pussy and ass were on the level of my face.

I dived into her muff right away. I pushed her hips up, so that her ass was up in the air and her pussy was showing. I spread her butt cheeks so that I could reach her pussy more easily. It was tight and little. It was a perfect pussy for licking. So, I dived in and did my best. I was licking it and working it with my tongue really hard. Her moaning got louder and louder and her knees shuddered on those ladders.

I pressed one of my fingers against her anus and continued to lick her twat. She came with a long moan and felt a little bit insecure on the ladders. I took her down and helped her get dressed again. She had my book and she gave it to me silently. When I got home I realized that these was a note inside. It said: “If you want your own private librarian, call me and I’ll tell you what happens in the end of The Game of Thrones. We can fuck also.”. At the current time, you can watch that Eronavt.com busty lady online!!!